Install AMD ROCm 6 on Debian stable (Bookworm)

AMD has recently released and updated version of the ROCm kernel drivers in version 6.1.1 with support for newer kernels up to versions 6.8.

You can install ROCm on Debian using the amdgpu installer:

sudo apt install ./amdgpu-install_6.1.60101-1_all.deb
sudo amdgpu-install --usecase=graphics,rocm

The amdgpu dkms now works at least for Linux kernel version 6.8.9 & 6.8.10

To verify the install check the output of:


Also add your user to these groups and then reboot the system:

sudo usermod -a -G render,video $LOGNAME

If something is not working properly, check out these notes about installing the previous version ROCm 5.7, which required more tinkering or check out the ROCm Linux installation manual.

How to check installed ROCm version?

Another useful trick to check the currently running version of ROCm is the newish amd-smi command:

amd-smi version
> AMDSMI Tool: 24.5.1+6709757 | AMDSMI Library version: | ROCm version: 6.1.1

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