Install AMD ROCm on Debian Bookworm (stable)

 So far, AMD does not yet officially support Debian in ROCm. Only RHEL, SLES and Ubuntu are supported in ROCM 5.7.1. On the Debian side there is a team working on providing support in the next release.

 However, one can install ROCm on Debian Bookworm using the amdgpu-install tool for Ubuntu.

sudo apt install ./amdgpu-install_5.7.50701-1_all.deb

 Then one can install rocm step-by-step. 

Kernel Driver

First install the amdgpu kernel dkms:

sudo amdgpu-install --usecase=dkms

 If a custom kernel is used, this will not directly work, because only kernel up to 6.2 are suupported. Otherwise exclude the custom kernels with:


in /etc/dkms/amdgpu.conf


 ROCm only supports Python 3.10, unfortunately this is no longer available in Debian Bookworm. However python3.10 can be installed from Debian Sid.


sudo dpkg -i python3.10_3.10.13-1_amd64.deb

Then install ROCm

sudo amdgpu-install –usecase=rocm

 Check the install with:


Also add your user to these groups:

sudo usermod -a -G render,video $LOGNAME

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