Why the Zeitgeist Movement stopped growing

The Zeitgeist movement is promoting a resource based economy mainly through activism. This has worked out well in the early days, when it spread almost instantly around the globe. But now this growth has stalled. One reason could be that it has reached some sort of saturation point in the market of activists.

This implies that the movement, despite its dedication, is not winning the public over at all. It sounds absurd, but according to a study, this is exactly happening.

According to this article: The Paradox of Activism,which summarizes the study, activists alienate the people whose support they hope to win, due to negative stereotype associated with the activists.

 In other words, until activists can change their stereotype, activism may do more harm than good. So how can we change that stereotype? By showing that activists don’t act as the stereotype requires.

One way would be to build up an alternative society not just talk about building it, no matter how tremendous this task is. The day an united group starts building a new society, it no longer preaches, but lives what it’s preaching.

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