Here are some of my formulated ideas/software project proposals. For most of them I've figured out a technology stack to build upon. Feel free to discuss, extend and build these ideas, if necessary request a issue tracker/PMS to develop them further.


Ideas that make life easier

Nutrition management tool

Music finder through similarity

User inputs a song and defines the wanted similarity (similar beat, similar mood, similar harmony, similar melody). The software returns all similar songs until a defined threshold.

User defines the desired song structure (fast intro, slow chorus, etc.) and filters for generes.

Ideas that advance understanding

Discussion partner finder

A meta discussion platform, where the ideology of participating users is analyzed through NLP. Users can then request to discuss (about various topics) with partners according to their ideological distance. In other words if you really wanted to, assuming you're a hardcore atheist, you could request to discuss with someone with the greatest distance on the topic religion. You'd end up discussing with a intelligent design fanatic :P

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