Monday, July 22, 2013

Idea: Nutrition management tool

Pleas read the Idea intro.
Have you ever wondered how healthy your diet is and how to improve it easily? This is a proposal for a software that would do exactly that, with a bit black magic in the background.

What would the user do

User Joe would track (whenever he does not forget) what he eats. The software would try to model his average nutrition intake, through heuristics and a database of nutrition facts. He would also have to decide diet recommendation he'd like to follow. i.e vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, no gluten etc. and which micro-nutrition, vitamins & supplements recommendation he trusts. (We can use data from this project to design recommendations)

What would the user get

The software would create, according to the users preferences, a list of supplements and ingredients the user is supposed to eat to reach his targeted nutrition needs.

The black magic

The used magic is tracking down all possible inter-ingredients relationships. In other words: the effect a ingredient has upon other ingredients, i.e your body does not absorb iron very well in absence of vitamin c. By using these relationships of ingredients it would be possible to create a menu plan that maximizes nutrition absorption with the smallest possible amount of food. Thus increasing the efficiency of eating.

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